Friday, January 11, 2013

From fluffy to finish line

My first post!! Ahhhh! This is cool. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw. Even though I am totally a Miranda. Sarcasm is my super power!
My name is Niki, I'm 30 years YOUNG (can you tell I just had a birthday) and I live in Florida with my husband and our sweet lil' lady Scarlett Rae. She is two and my main reason for working on my fitness.
No one wants to be the mom who's still losing the baby weight when their kid is 4.
(48 months... Right?) I know I didn't.
So I started counting calories. 1200 a day. Buh bye Dunkin Donuts addiction. I was easily eating 600-700 cals a morning.
Ok, done. Now I have to exercise? When I decided to start C25k, I was really really out of shape, and a minute of running seemed completely out of reach. Running in the backyard is where I started. Totally lame & embarrassing, but at least I had a privacy fence. I would jump in scarlett's baby pool when I got hot, hello this Florida in July! Slowly but surely it got easier. I had a few setbacks, bum knee, shin splints, general neighbors laughed at me when I jogged by when I finally got the courage to go out on the road.
I kept going. Even when I hated running, when I wanted to quit the 30 day shred because I would pee when I did jumping jacks. I started lifting weights by googling & pinterest. I did it all without a gym, with just hard work.
In a week I'll be running my first half marathon. I am very very excited & ready. The training has sometimes been brutal, but it will all be worth it in the end!


  1. I think this is AMAZING! You are doing it girl, and not only that, you included a pretty sweet movie reference :)

  2. Great job, girl! Good luck on your half marathon. That is on my list. I will run one. Who knows...maybe it will be this year!

  3. Great post! Your little one planking is awesome! Seriously mama, she is watching you! Be proud!

  4.!!! You are an inspiration girl!!! I want your stomach so badly!!! Slowly but surely...I'll get there!!! Love your lil lady planking!!! She'll thank you one day for starting her love of exercise early!!!

  5. Love your blog! You are definitely an inspiration!!! keep the posts coming!

  6. Love it! And, I'm in awe of your transformation!! As I'm getting very close to my goal weight, I'm starting to add in more strength training. Hope I can have shoulders like yours one day!

  7. Thank you all.. You are my inspiration too! To keep going everyday is hard, but it is sooo worth it!