Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From couch to 5k to Half marathon.. In 6 months

I'm back!!! Now that I have feeling in my legs again, whew. So.. My first half marathon. It was amazing!
I felt so ready yet so nervous lining up to go. 7:15. It's go time!
The first two miles were gone in 17 minutes and I had serious doubts about going too fast. I kept going, though, and I felt good. Before I knew it, 4 miles. I ate some "magic beans".. My foot really started to hurt around the 6 mile turnaround point. I ignored it. A few moments I felt like Veronica Corningstone in Anchor man doing her first news broadcast. I kept saying to myself, "Power! Power!" you can do this! "I'm good at three things.. Fighting, screwing, and running this marathon.."
Okay enough with the quotes.. In all seriousness it was the hardest mental game of my life. 8 miles. I saw the clock. 1:13. Holy crap! I could actually finish this thing in 2 hours. Settling into a nice pace I started running beside a young guy who was also shooting for 2 hours or less.
We chatted a bit but it was hard to talk , the course was insanely hilly!
10 miles. Or as I remember, the two mile uphill ascent of death! Let's just say, it was rough! And in the full Florida sun.
But there was no freaking way I was stopping now, I had gone so long and so much faster than I ever had before.
We get to a quarter mile to the finish and my new running buddy wants to speed up and I physically can't! My body was so jacked but the adrenaline pushed me through. I'm not going to lie, seeing the clock turn to 2:00 right as I was coming for it sucked pretty hard. Then I saw my friend Nikki, her boys, my sister, my brother in law. My mom, my dad, my wonderful husband and beautiful baby!!! It brought me to tears! All cheering for me. Roses at the finish line. Nothing tastes as good as this feels! True accomplishment. I'm completely addicted to running and I don't know how I can afford to keep running these races but I don't know how I can afford not to. The natural high is pretty freaking awesome.
The last pic I'm going to post is one my sis took and I just love my dad's face in it. I'll never forget the love I felt that day!


  1. Awww, your dad looks so proud! What an amazing finish time. Great work, Niki!

  2. From many fellow MLFC peeps, come back:)! Check your "other" Facebook messages. There should be a few from us...

  3. I also sent you a message to your "Other" Folder...! You are missed :)

  4. Niki,
    Yes, check your "other" folder on fb!! Lots of love and support for you!!

  5. Please come back!! You didn't do anything wrong and you are such an inspiration to us all!

  6. You are such an inspiration! Total creeper status here but when I am doing my strength training and get frustrated, I think of your rockin hard body!! You make me want to do more!
    Jaime Martinez (from MLFC).