Monday, January 14, 2013

Colored chicks & cheesecake: The Color Run Orlando 2013

Heeeeyyyyy sexy ladies.. Oontz oontz oontz.. I can still hear the massive bass coming from the Dj booth yesterday at the most awesome race ever... The Color Run!
We groggily loaded ourselves in the van at 6 am and headed to Orlando. Great Oden's raven.. There were a lot of people there! 10,000 to be exact! Rainbow wigs, Afros, mohawks, tutus... It kind of reminded me of the parties my mom warned me about in high school where everyone was a freak and you'd get something slipped in your Zima.
After a less than pleasant port o'john experience we headed to the starting line. First color, Pink! The powder was chalky and weird, but fun. If you do this race, all I can tell you is keep your mouth closed! Otherwise your grill looks like you ate a live animal. Then yellow, orange, blue, purple.. And the finish line!
By far, the most fun part of this race was the after party. It's like a modern day Woodstock only everyone wears neon and they play a lot of Kesha and Pitbull.
You get your own bag of color to throw up in the air in a crowd of 10,000 peeps. All the colors and people jumping up an down is just an experience you'll never forget!
After we took tons of dirty, smurfy pics and bought some souveniers, we headed to the cheesecake factory. Yes, the cheesecake factory. Everyone was in their Sunday best and we looked like, well, it was hard to describe. NUTS!
Girl talk and amazing food. Including massive pieces of cheesecake, movie reviews, man bashing.. You know, the good stuff.
When I walked in the door, I ran to the shower and scrubbed my blue/purple/orange bod with a concoction of olive oil & salt. Even my lady business was colored and my underboobs. (Those with kids know what I'm talking about.). It was a great time! I would encourage everyone to try this race, it's so different!
I have to get my little munchkin ready for mommy & me gymnastics this morning. After seeing her skill set at a gym birthday party this weekend, I'm not holding my breath for her to be the next Shawn Johnson, but it should be fun. Later!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I missed the color run that was in our area. Hopefully there will be another!

  2. Amazing transformation. I always start 30 day ripped. Never made it past wk 2. Going to this time. You rock!!!

  3. I love that you guys went to the Cheesecake Factory like that! What fun!